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Houston Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

Houston Institute of Lifestyle Medicine is the very first institution specializing in lifestyle medicine in Texas Medical Center, the world largest medical center. The mission of the institute is to promote and practice lifestyle medicine to patients and community through education, research, and patient care. The vision of the institute is to be one of the leading academic institutions in lifestyle medicine, and a driving force of true healthcare reform in the US and the world.

Dr. Xin Ma, the founding director and ABLM/IBLM Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional/Physician, is passionate about chronic disease prevention, reversal, and wellness. Dr. Ma and his multi-specialty team strive to improve and practice lifestyle medicine through public and patients' education, training, patient care, and research. Dr. Ma is member of American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Research Co-chair of Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and Founding member and country representative of Chinese Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Ma serves as Director of Houston Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Ma and his team provide educational and counseling service to patients and communities with cutting-edge evidence-based lifestyle medicine practice. Dr. Ma is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine as an adjunct Assistant Professor and mentor of Baylor medical students.  

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