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Resistant Hypertension:

54 years old male with resistant hypertension for 11 years. Blood pressure was not well controlled with 4 different antihypertensive medications. The max blood pressure often stayed at 170/110 mmHg.  

Within 2-month Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (ITLC) Intervention, the blood pressure went down below 125/80 mmHg and stay well controlled with only one antihypertensive medications.  


Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease:

47 years old female with diffuse atherosclerosis affecting coronary arteries (angina), 

carotid artery (plaque in neck arteries supplying blood to the brain), and peripheral artery or PAD (plaque in arteries of the extremities, especially the legs). She had a severe pain of left leg when she walked 100 yards (intermittent claudication). 

Arteriography showed 90% narrowing of Left common iliac artery.  

Within 4-week ITLC intervention, her angina was completely disappeared. Within 10 weeks, she could walk 10,000 steps without severe pain of her left leg. Ultrasound exam showed significantly improved blood supply to the affected leg. 

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